Certification and Calibration TAR-AL

Every TAR-AL is supplied with a Calibration Certificate, valid for quality and ISO standards.

All tests and calibrations by GV METROLOGIA are made using a laser interferometer certified U.K.A.S.

TAR-AL could be also used as a Primary Certified Reference ( or Primary Setting Master ) for Inhouse instrument certifications. In fact, TAR-AL can be certified by ILAC or equivalent authority.

GV METROLOGIA LABORATORY partners are Accredited ISO/IEC 17025:200 and are able to issue Accredited Calibrations to the International community which is Traceable NIST/NRC, and recognized by MRA Agreements with ILAC, APLAC, NACLA and other International Organizations via LAB ( laboratory Accreditation Bureau ).

Calibrations certificates are complete with the Uncertainty of Measurement included with results Traceable through an unbrocken chain to the SI System of Units.